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Anna Hastie – entrepreneuress, mindset coach & sound healer.

Blending the Spiritual with Business

Hello & Welcome!

I’m Anna Hastie, Business Mindset Coach and Sound Healer. Somewhere deep inside I have always had that deep desire to make a difference in the world and to do things my way?

Sounds familiar?

This strong desire came through when I found myself in the remote, regional town of Broome in WA. It was here that I start my own natural therapy and energy healing business that quickly grew into the successful and thriving business I dreamed of.

Running my own show I learnt how important mindset was as an entrepreneur and I began to feel a new desire to empower women in business, to build their own successful and thriving businesses of their dreams through the Alchemy Mindset Transformation Method.

Alchemy Mindset with Anna Hastie Podcast

Listen here to the latest episodes of my podcast on everything mindset, energy, spirituality and how you can embody the best version of yourself in your business and life. Sprinkle that with deeply relaxing, reiki infused sound healings.  Dive into all the latest episodes.


Anna is a skilled and intuitive practitioner.  I found her one to one and group meditation sound healing extremely therapeutic. The instruments took me on a journey and the vibrational therapy shifted and integrated energy, leaving me feeling relaxed and re-energised.  I would highly recommend Anna.

Anna’s hammock and sound are absolutely amazing. It is incredible to float in the hammock whilst the sounds envelop you. Truly relaxing!

Anna did an amazing sound healing for the Allied Health team from Broome Hospital. Work can get so hectic and stressful sometimes so it’s important to be able to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Anna really helped our team with some much-needed relaxation, meditation and healing! Would definitely recommend!

You are amazing at what you do and there is such beautiful calming energy that pours from you. Thank you … Other sound healings haven’t had that level of impact on me so definitely big credit to you.

Thank you so much for my session yesterday. I can still feel the healing energy radiating through my body and I got so so much out of the session. Manifesting here I come.

You are freaking amazing. I thank you sooo much for being my cheerleader and being this incredible supportive cheerleader that you are. Bless you. Love you xx

I went with an open mind to a life coaching session with Anna, not only did she open my mind but she has helped me shift some limiting behavior and thought patterns through her TIME technique.

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