Hello, Hello! I am Anna Hastie.

I’m a business mindset coach for women who are ready to build a successful and thriving business and live their dream lifestyle. I  lead women through the Alchemy Mindset Transformation Method of Energy, Mindset & Embodiment so that they can become the aligned, magnetic and confident business owners.

I am passionate about Sound Bath Healings and creating deeply transformative and relaxing Reiki infused Sound Bath Healings, which has helped me create a business where I can help my clients with their mindset, energy and embodiment.

If there is one thing I know to be true about myself, it’s that in this lifetime I am to do things my way. I’ve had this feeling and insight for a long time.  Even now, when I imagine this, I see myself as a colourful, light filled being walking against a sea of people all in the same dark, boring clothes.

So it was only a matter of time before I felt that wave of excitement and determination to step out on my own and run my own show (in other words start my own business).

After years of working as a remedial massage therapist for other businesses, I longed for the creativity and freedom of working for myself and to only do the therapies I loved.

While I knew I was a great therapist and was constantly told so by my clients, actually starting a business from scratch was a whole new thing.

It wasn’t all that cruisey, instant business success.

Because in all honesty, nothing prepared me for the ‘mindset’ challenges that I faced as a new business owner.

Nothing prepared me for the negative self talk that would start to creep in and overshadow that initial excitement and determination.

Nothing prepared me for the self doubt in my capabilities.

Worst of all the fear of failing and proving yet again, that a massage therapist can’t make money to support themselves.

And the even deeper horror, of having to admit.  That I wasn’t not cut out for business, can’t make money and would have to return to my old job with my tail between my legs. 

Back then, the one thing I knew to be true was that if I wanted to be as successful as I deeply desired to be. If I wanted flexibility in my days and weeks, the abundance of money, the waitlist of clients and glowing testimonials and to feel like I was a QUEEN in what I was doing, then I would have to change my beliefs around EVERYTHING  I wasn’t feeling great about.

So I  worked on my mindset 100%  alongside learning all the strategies and tools I needed to create the business of my dreams.  Even at the time, I didn’t know mindset was a thing. But I knew deep down, that all the self doubt talk was BS and I would have a successful and thriving business. 

I’m not going to lie. The mindset work continues to this day. But the BS I shifted soon lead me to a successful, thiriving, high in demand natural therapy business, with the waitlist of clients, glowing testimonials and banking money!

That’s when I knew I had to share what I have learnt with other women in business.

I had learnt that Mindset work is healing work.


  • I live in Broome, Western Australia, married to Francois and became a mum to Ava (at 42 yrs old)
  • My design is Libran Sun and 1/3 Sacral Generator
  • I am a nomad at heart and love seeking new adventures!
  • I love dark chocolate and chai lattes. 
  • I am not a fan of people who litter or drinking coffee.
  • Pole dancing, walking and yoga are my choices in fitness
  • I walked 800kms across Spain & cycled the Gibb River Road 3 times
  • My idea of a fun time is catching up with girlfriends for breakfast, talking about everything spirituality, life and playing with oracle cards!
  • My dream travel list to explore South America, see the Northern Lights and travel Oz with my fam in a van!

Studying with the Yes Supply Coaching method and combining my existing knowledge of Energy, Spirituality, Quantum Physics & healing, and of course my other specialty, Sound Baths, has helped me support my clients in transforming their mindset, beliefs, behaviours.

I have helped them get off the  hamster wheel of self doubt into feeling more confident, motivated, magnetic, aligned and abundant.

I have helped them shift mindset blocks and other beliefs rooted from childhood experiences or passed down from generations or even carried on from past lives.

So that they can confidently be seen, step into their authority as a leader and be the ‘go to person.’ Feel more motivated, have stronger connection to their inner wisdom, know that they are more than enough and  clarity and certainty in their direction and big vision for their business.

On the other side of my business, what I am equally passionate about is holding deeply relaxing, Reiki infused Sound Bath Healings. In particular, I specialise in the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, from Crystal Tones. 

I have trained under three outstanding Sound Bath Healing Mentors and have witnessed countless transformations from my clients and participants.

  • “My mind just stopped thinking and being so busy.”
  • “I felt physical discomfort completely go.”
  • “I’ve had the best night’s sleep.”
  • “I had incredible insights and downloads on my next step in my life.”
  • “I feel so much more peaceful and calm.”

Want to know more about my journey into Sound Baths and the Bowls I use, head to episodes Ep 2, 8, 19 & 22 of Alchemy Mindset with Anna Hastie podcast. 

Whether I am combining Mindset with Sound Baths or focusing on one or the other, it is my mission to empower people to remember what it is to self heal from dis-comforts or dis-eases, clear past conditioning and beliefs that are holding them back so that they can live their dream life in abundance, joy and peace.

Programs and Trainings I have invested in.

When you work with me, you get access to all the knowledge and wisdom I have experienced through my on going trainings.

  • Swift Mind – Marketing and Strategy with Ellie Swift
  • Masterclasses and private coaching with Elley Mae
  • Success & Life Coach Yes Supply Coaching Method
  • NLP Practitioner
  • EFT Tapping
  • Hypnotherapist
  • TIME Technique practitioner
  • Level 1 Sound Healing  – Prof Jeralyn Glass, Crystal Cadence
  • Level 1, 2 & 3 Sound Healing – Heather Jean, The Oracle of Sound
  • 300hrs Yoga Alliance & Yoga Alliance Australia
  • Level 1 Multidimensional Quantum Healing – Kerrie White
  • Graduate of The Manifestation Babe Academy
  • T.A.P Therapeutic Applied Percussion Practitioner. – Kristy Rackham
  • Reiki 2  – Usui method & Shamballa Reiki
  • Meditation Teacher Certificate
  • Senior First Aid

Are you ready to stop the negative self talk and feel more confident, aligned and magnetic as an entrepreneuress?