Hello, Hello! I am Anna Hastie.

I’m a business mindset coach for women who are in the early stages of their business and ready to go fulltime so that they can build a successful and thriving business and live their dream lifestyle.

I am also passionate about Sound Bath Healings and creating deeply transformative and relaxing Reiki infused Sound Bath Healings, in person and online.

My business (formerly Creating Balance) opened late in 2015 and this was when I first stepped into the roll of a ‘small business owner.’  Was this something I ever dreamed of or thought I would ever do? Oh, definitely not!!

The desire to run my own show and do things “my way” became pretty strong in my mind and I knew I had to act on this.  I had no idea of what this would look like, let alone how to run a business.  All I knew was I was ready to start working for myself, offering therapies I loved and being my own boss.

As far as I knew all I needed was a Facebook page, somewhere to massage, a table, towels and oils. Oh, yes! Clients would be helpful too.

Over the following 6 years I learnt so much about running a successful and thriving business.

I worked on my mindset, A LOT, and with different coaches and mentors, networked, put myself out there and created a successful natural therapy business in Broome.

The need to shift and move into mindset coaching came after having some time away from my business (thanks to COVID – no really thank you).

I fell in love with Sound Healing and the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.  I began holding in-person and online Sound Baths and have witnessed and received so many testimonials on the transformations, healings and insights people have received from these sessions.

However, Sound Baths was not my only new thing I was interested in. Mindset was something I was really curious about.  The way we think  and the power of our beliefs, words and actions that shape our reality.  I invested in Yes Supply Coaching Method to learn more about Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, EFT Tapping and Hypnosis and began to pivot my business towards mindset coaching for women in business and into my own personal brand: Anna Hastie.

Why coaching for women in business? Well, firstly, I love everything about being a small business owner.  Maybe its the different roles I play, from Social Media strategist to Mindset Coach and Sound Healer to Admin and Podcaster.  It is always diverse, challenging and most importantly one of the biggest vehicles that has shown me who I am on a deeper level.

As the entrepreneuress of my business, I know how key a clear and strong mindset is just as a solid business strategy.

I am here to help women step into and achieve their level of success and not let their fears overwhelm, lack of confidence or limiting beliefs stop them.

I have witnessed through myself and my clients how deep these beliefs and blocks can sit, from our childhood, being passed from generations and even past lives.

I truly believe that if you are passionate to start a business, get ready to not only witness your business growing, but also who you are on a deeper, inner and intimate level.

This is what I do and how I can support you too.


  • Success & Life Coach Yes Supply Coaching Method
  • NLP Practitioner
  • EFT Tapping
  • Hypnotherapist
  • TIME Technique practitioner
  • Level 3 Sound Healer
  • 300hrs Yoga Alliance & Yoga Alliance Australia
  • Level 1 Multidimensional Quantum Healing
  • Graduate of The Manifestation Babe Academy
  • T.A.P Therapeutic Applied Percussion Practitioner.
  • Reiki 2  – Usui method & Shamballa Reiki
  • Meditation Teacher Certificate
  • Senior First Aid

Outside the clinic…

When I am not working I love being active and have a few passions.  

I recently got engaged to my love and best friend Francois after 5 years together.

We love to travel, camp and explore the Kimberley. I’ve cycled on the Gibb Challenge 4 times & I’ve walked 800 km across Spain on the Camino de Santiago!

When I am not soaking up the outdoors, I am involved in the performing arts scene here in Broome with Pole Dancing.