Classes and events

Sounday Sound Bath Healing Classes

10am – 11am $27

The Blue Body Buddha Sanctuary

Millington Road, Cable Beach



Sunday 7th*, 14th*, & 28th*


Sunday 11th, 18th & 25th


Sunday 17th & 24th

** Carlee Ryan is holding a Yoga class on Sundays 8.30am – 9.30am throughout January!

As a joint collab special offer, RECEIVE $5 off when you book in for Yoga with Carlee 8.30am – 9.30am at the Buddha.

Then relax at your Sound Bath class from 10am – 11am!

Jan 8th, 14th & 28th only!

  • Discount code and booking information for Carlee’s yoga class will be sent to you after you have booked in for a Sound Bath.
  • The discount can only be applied for the yoga class on the same day as your sound bath class

What a Deeply Relaxing Sunday Experience!

Hammocks & Sound

4 – 5pm  $35

The Hangar Aerial Fitness Broome

45B McDaniel Road, Broome

2024 dates to TBC.

Classes will recommence April 2024

Special Events

Yoga & Music experience.

Vinyasa Yoga flow with live acoustic music by Monique, followed by grounding yin yoga, and a soothing sound bath.

End the year with smiles, relaxation, and raw treats.

Sunday 21st January 8.30 – 11.00am @ The Buddha Sanctuary

Bookings essential https://flowwithnicole.as.me/yogaandmusic

4 Week Spiritual Development Course

Over 4 Sundays in February learn fun ways to develop your spiritual and energetic connections.

Starts Feb 4th  – 9.30am – 11am

Sundays 11th – 25th 11.30am – 12.30pm

SUPER SMALL GROUP. Max 10 people!

  • Explore and have fun with a diverse range of tools and techniques to enhance your spiritual and psychic abilities.Including Oracle card readings, how to use a pendulum, psychometry and how to connect to your energy and clairvoyance. Plus receive meditations and sound baths to enhance your practices.


  • This is a course and all weeks must be signed up for.
  • If you miss a week, class teachings and handouts will be available.
  • Full refunds will only be offered if cancelled up to 7 days prior.
  • 50% refund only offered if cancelled with in 7days of course.
  • No prior experience necessary, just a beginners mindset.
  • This is not a counselling or healing session.  This is an opportunity to explore different ways of connecting to your spirit and clairvoyance as well as have a ton of fun doing it!

$111 Full price

$89 Early Bird ends Jan 24th.

MORE INFORMATION HERE https://annahastie.com/spirit/

BOOK HERE: https://annahastie.as.me/spiritcourse

Introduction to Crystal Singing Bowls & Sound Baths

Sunday 10th March 10am – 12pm

SUPER SMALL GROUP. Max 6 people!

  • Learn the sacred science of sound
  • How to play crystal singing bowls
  • Experience a sound bath
  • Basics of energy healing


  • This is an experiential workshop only.
  • Singing bowls provided or BYO your own
  • No prior knowledge or experience
  • Open mind and a lot of fun is all that is needed!
  • This is not a qualification or endorsed for insurance purposes.

More information soon. To reserve your place email me [email protected] with your name and mobile # so that I can let you know when bookings open!

Class Testimonials

Aerial Fitness Yoga & Sound Bath Healing
Even without a prompt I was going to let you know how ah-mazing Sunday morning Sound Bath was for me.
I have some pelvic muscle issues from giving birth 43 years ago where posterior vaginal muscles tore away from the bones.
Now I am deeply post menopause the tissues, tendons and ligaments are very soft without my fertile years hormones !.
I ended up with the trifecta of prolapses and am often very uncomfortable.
I have had some surgery to repair some of the affects which afterwards has highlighted another area that may need surgery.
Apologies for the graphic story. But here is the magic.
At the first strike of the first bowl I experienced tingling at the base of my spine – the chakra point.
While you continued to strike this bowl energy began to flow up into my lower pelvis and then extended down to my knees.
The energy circled around and around in a bowl shaped movement.
It was truly ah-mazing – this didn’t stop when you moved onto the next set of bowls – it just was more the memory of the energy.
And after finishing with the bowls my jaw literally dropped out of its ongoing tension grip.
I’ve not been in a good place for some time and this was so helpful to help me as the first step to restart my commitment to wellness.
Thank you so much and bless you.

I loved the sound bath, such an amazing experience.

During the class I felt a heaviness in my chest and what felt like a lot of movement within my body, almost a bit chaotic at one point. But then it all cleared and I went into a really deep meditative state, it felt like my body was floating above me which I hadn’t experienced before. I also felt emotional at the end.

Since I have felt an energy shift, I was stressed about a couple of things before the class and have definitely felt more at ease and have noticed myself thinking about these stressors with a different perspective.

Thank you so much for all that you do!


Anna has the most beautiful energy and I love her sound healing classes, restorative yoga and Reike sessions.

Anna is a wonderful healer sharing her beautiful gifts with all who come into contact with her. ☺️💖🙏🏽

Leanne K

I have done in person Sound healing sessions with Anna a few times and they are amazing.  Recently I saw an ad for the upcoming Spring Equinox online healing.  I thought that I would try this.  I thought that it would be a good second option to a live session with Anna.  I was wrong, the online session was next level!  I used good quality headphones and it felt like the sound penetrated straight into my body via the headphones.  I got goosebumps during the session.  It was super amazing and I can’t recommend Anna’s online sound healing session highly enough. 

Carlee Ryan

I loved the sound healing and being in the hammock made me feel so happy and safe.


Anna’s hammock and sound classes are absolutely amazing. It is incredible to float in the hammock whilst the sounds envelop you. Truly relaxing! 

Renee Miller

I really needed to chill out and Anna’s sound healing was so beautiful I could feel myself floating to nowhere. We forget to nourish ourselves. I had the best night’s sleep.


I did the free 45min online sound healing last week and it was AMAZING. I am still feeling the effect. Thank you so much. I have done a few of the paid ones before too and they are just the best. It still amazes me every time just how incredible the sound is online and just through my iPhone- Anna could totally be right there in the room with me playing the music. Such a beautiful talent that I am so grateful to have found.   

Sophie O’Neill, Tamworth Remedial Massage