Ready to become the confident, aligned, magnetic business owner and woman that you are meant to be? You know, the version of you,The Entrepreneuress, who is building the business of her dreams.

3 months Private 1:1 Business Mindset Coaching

Does this sound familiar?

You have created a business from a deep passion and desire to share your gifts, services, talents with the world. Ultimately, to make a difference.

To follow your heart and be your own boss and do things your way.

But the mindset blocks, the self doubt, overwhelm of having to do it all and the uncertainty that it is all worth it is starting to creep in.

All of which are stopping you from:

  • Being seen and showing up on social media.
  • Making sales and helping your clients and customers.
  • Feeling confident to promote your offers and services, even launch your first program.
  • Trusting yourself, your journey so you can make the impact you KNOW you were meant for.
  • Building a successful and thriving business that enables you to live the life you want.

Am I right?

Anna Hastie Sound Bath Reiki Brome

Well what if I told you that you can still have the business you truly desire and dream of?

Imagine this:

  • You have the time freedom to be with your loved ones and to do more of what lights you up.
  • You have created healthy boundaries that allow you to be more productive, and creative
  • You easily tap into your inner compass and intuition for guidance you need in making decisions and the direction of your business
  • You feel more motivated, can easily prioritise or handball those tasks.
  • You have confidence and energy in the way you show up and are being seen by your audience, clients, customers and peers.

Welcome to the Alchemy Mindset 1:1 Coaching Program.

My signature private coaching program leading you to become the

confident, inspired and aligned leader you’re meant to be

so that you can the thriving business you deeply desire.

Inside this program you will discover

  • How to clear your mindset blocks that are feeding the doubt, overwhelm and uncertainty you currently have.
  • My best tools and resources for supporting your mindset and business.
  • Proven strategies for embodying the business woman and Entrepreneuress that you desire to be.

While this 3-month private coaching program is completely customised to your needs and goals – the core is based on the Alchemy Mindset Transformation Method: Energy, Mindset & Embodiment.

We begin by looking at the energetics of yourself, your business and what you needs to shift energetically.

We get clear on your big picture vision and goals for your business and reunite yourself with your own innate inner wisdom and intuition.

Mindset is the heavy lifting where we shift the limiting beliefs, blocks, behaviours and patterns that are holding you back.  These blocks can be in the deeper layers of your subconscious mind and that are playing on repeat. 

Embodiment focuses on who is the incredible business woman you know you can be and how to embody that version of yourself.  Who is the future you, who has already built and now running her dream business.  What boundaries and support networks do you need to create to get you there?

This entire 3 month program includes:

  • 1 x 60mins Introductory Session to gain clear picture of your business, your goals, desires, dreams, worries, fears and where you currently are in your business.
  • 6 x 90 mins fortnightly coaching sessions. In these sessions I’ll take you through the Alchemy Mindset Transformation Method to help you clear your energy, make the mindset shifts so that you can become the incredible business owner you wish to embody.
  • Ongoing support in What’s App between coaching calls during M-F
  • Mindset Resources. You’ll receive meditations, journal prompts, sound baths,  and other resources to support your mindset shifts and help you process what we discuss.
  • Personal Subliminal Meditation & Hypnosis. Tailored specifically to you and your business goals, integral to  your mindset shifts.
  • Access to prior Online Sound Baths and Mindset workshops.
  • Bonus:  Receive 1 x 60 minute personal Sound Bath in addition to our coaching sessions.

Here is what sets this 1:1 Mindset coaching program apart from others out there.

Everything is tailored to you. Your needs, your goals, your mindset, your energy, YOU!

This is not a cookie cutter one size fits all kind of program.

I am also here to help you whenever you need extra support in between our main sessions. Because we all know, things will come up as we shift and move from the old and into the new.

By the time we have finished the 3 months together you will:

  • Feel more confident in the direction of your business and within yourself.
  • Excited to show up and share their knowledge and gifts.
  • Have more motivation and drive to get your tasks done
  • Have created healthy and supportive boundaries
  • Shifted blocks and limiting beliefs and have more positive mindset and outlook
  • Have new tools and resources to continue to support you in your mindset work
  • Be more connected to your inner wisdom and knowledge so that you can trust your inner compass 
  • Know how to transform any further blocks or belief patterns that arise
  • Feel more empowered and abundant when working in your business.
  • Have more awareness of your mindset, language and energy.

Hello! I’m Anna Hastie

AnnaHastie Mindset Coach

I empower women in business through self development and mindset work to build the successful and thriving business of their dreams.

Before I became a Business Mindset Coach and Sound Healer, I worked as a massage therapist and energy healer. I started my own business, Creating Balance Natural Therapies, driven by a strong desire to do things my way, have more flexibility and freedom in my working week and to create a well know, successful, thriving business.

Here’s the thing, I understand where you are right now because I’ve been there too.

Initially, the growth was slow, and I encountered numerous mindset challenges.

I dealt with worries, doubts, overwhelm, and fear of failure.

I struggled with self-confidence and motivation, constantly comparing myself to others and feeling unsupported and lost.

I fell into the trap of comparison-itis, believing that my skills as a therapist were insufficient and holding back my business.

However, I soon realized that it was my mindset that was the true obstacle.

With this realization, I immersed myself in energy work, mindset training, and personal growth. I started listening to my intuition, sought the guidance of a coach, and continuously invested in my inner development.

That’s when everything began to skyrocket.
  • I quickly became fully booked with a waitlist
  • I received plenty of referrals from satisfied, dream clients
  • I gained financial stability, allowing me to invest in my professional development and enjoy well-deserved holidays.
  • My income surpassed previous levels and I was earning more than I had ever before!
  • I upgraded my equipment
  • Most importantly, I had the freedom to work the hours I desired and live the life of my dreams, while still serving my clients.
The REAL truth I’ve learned: a poor mindset cannot be overcome with strategies alone.

You may have all the social media followers, marketing tips, and selling techniques, but without a supportive mindset, reaching your goals, connecting with dream clients, and achieving success can be challenging.

Throughout my journey, beyond the doubts and fears, I recognize that my business serves as a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth, allowing me to shine in all aspects of my life.

I talk and walk between the spiritual and business. 

Anna Hastie: Business Mindset Coach and Sound Healer is the combination of what I am deeply passionate about, energy work, healing, mindset development and helping you to create and build the successful and thriving business you deeply desire.

Let’s get started!

Your investment for the entire 3 months:

Payment Options:

  • Pay in Full $3700
  • 3 x monthly installments of $1234.00
  • 6 x fortnightly installments of $617.00
  • All prices are in AUD and include GST

Coaching T&C’s

IF THIS IS A FULL BODY YES! Hit the button below and let’s get started.

To get started: 

If you are ready to build the 6 figure business of your dreams and overcome the mindset blocks, click the link and complete the form.

Tell me all about you, your business and what your vision for yourself and your business.

I’ll then review your form to make sure this program is a great fit for you and reply via email and/or a DM on Instagram within 24hours.

You will then receive a payment link, your contract to complete and we can then get started!

From there you’ll receive a welcome email with all the information for booking your first 60 mins call and how to start chatting on What’s App.

I can’t wait to support you on your mindset journey and witness the transformation.

See you soon,

Anna xx

Past Clients

Anna is such a warm, kind and friendly soul and such a joy to work with! It’s clear she deeply cares for others and is truly invested in her clients. Anna worked with me on several NLP techniques which helped me to rediscover my motivation and breathe so much life and excitement into my goals. Her strong intuition allowed her to really connect with me and made me feel so supported.  Kristin Richards – Girlboss Designer

Anna gave me mega motivation and belief in myself, and helped make so much magic happen and flow into my business.

My biggest accomplishment during our time together was developing confidence and belief in myself and feeling worthy to pursue my dreams.

I have made business cards, flyers, re-vamped my website, promoted myself more, increased the rate which I charge, sold several paintings, had a number of commissions requested, had other jobs come through and put myself in a confident position to promote my mural work.

Anna is positive, encouraging, wise, insightful, a breath of fresh air and a shining light.

I love what she offers and all of her beautiful complementary skills and services.

It’s everything I could have hoped for and so much more.

Leah Rakabundel – Leah Rakabundel Art

Anna has been supporting my business and my money mindset.

Every time I faced a challenge or blockage to get to the next level in my business, she supported me with brilliant knowledge of mindset coaching and various techniques. My favourite is Tapping and Affirmations.

This year, I achieved 10k in a month. Before that, I was struggling with money, and desperate to create my own brand and offerings. I was so afraid to launch programs.  There was always certain fears getting in my way, such as “what if people won’t sign up for my offerings”.

Anna gave me so many resources and told me how to break through the fear. She has helped me get to the next level in my business and success.

I don’t think I could come this far if she wasn’t in my life. Words cannot express how grateful I am for her.

If you want to uplift your life and business, you definitely should talk to Anna.

Ayumi – Xiang8Universe. Sound Healer, Mentor and Spiritual Entrepreneur.

It was a new and great experience for me. I didn’t even know there were people like Anna who could help with our business mindset, energy and embodiment to create a thriving business. Keiko – Health Coaching with Cakes

I went with an open mind to a coaching session with Anna, not only did she open my mind but she has helped me shift some limiting behaviour and thought patterns through her TIME technique. Coby

Anna is also an amazing business mindset coach and I’ve experienced coaching with her during a business workshop. She is extremely knowledgeable and has great techniques to work on your mindset around various topics. She is the most amazing, supportive and encouraging biz mindset coach you can wish for.

Carina – Radiant Hair Creations