How To Get The Best Out Of Your Holiday Massage

It’s exciting when you have a holiday on the horizon.  You’ve been planning for it, dreaming about it and now it is just around the corner.

For me, I love getting a holiday massage.  I’m in a relaxed mood, I have plenty of time and it feels like a luxury, something special for me. 

Poor planning, not allowing enough time, not knowing where to go or choosing the wrong treatment can taint your massage experience.

As a massage therapist, running a busy therapy clinic, I get a lot of people looking for a holiday massage in Broome.  

Here are my tips on how to get the best out of your next holiday massage.  These are from my own observations of people looking for a holiday massage in Broome, as well as personal experience when I am on my own holiday.

 Follow these tips and you won’t be disappointed with your next massage on holidays.


Book your massage before you arrive.

If you know your itinerary, schedule a massage for once you arrive, or at least during your holiday.  Massage is great for getting over travel fatigue whether it be jetlag from a flight, driving long distances, or the crazy – busy lead up to your departure. 

Having a massage pre-booked takes the stress out of trying to book something last minute.

Most importantly it means YOU GET AN APPOINTMENT – the day, time and place you desire.


Plan to arrive early.

Allow plenty of time to get there and arrive early at to your appointment gives you plenty of time to relax, unwind and relax. 

That way you won’t feel frazzled or rushed to get there, you’ll enjoy the experience more and it won’t cut into your treatment time.


Choose a treatment you wouldn’t normally have.

For all those massage fans, try a treatment you wouldn’t normally have.  

It makes the holiday massage feel a bit more fun and different. 

It’s like when you go to your favourite restaurant and you always choose your favourite meal. You do that because you love that dish and you know what you are getting.

When we go on holidays it is to do and go somewhere different – it takes us out of our normal routine and gives us a chance to experience new things.

So when you are considering getting a massage, try something your regular therapist doesn’t offer. Try a Hot Stone massage or a body exfoliation with a massage.  


After all, a holiday is not a holiday without a massage!


Massage day – the day of rest.

Holidays are a chance to get out of your normal environment or routine and to do something new, different and fun. 

No matter, what kind of holiday you have planned, always factor in some downtime or a rest day.  This is a great opportunity to get a massage and have a whole day of relaxation.

Generally, when we are at home, we are always rushing from one place to another.  We sometimes don’t give ourselves enough rest time before or after a massage. 

When you are on holidays you have plenty of time, so have a rest day. 

Do some reading, or have a casual brunch, get a massage, and then rest up for the remainder of the day! Perfect!


Book a longer treatment time.  

When  I am on holidays, I have the time to book a longer treatment. Why? The longer I get on the table, the better I know I am going to feel.  I love 1-hour massages, but it never feels long enough. If I have the choice of a 90 minute or 120-minute treatment, I am definitely going to choose the longer treatment.  The longer I get on the table the better I will feel!


How to find a good therapist.

We love the therapist we see at home, but how do we find equally as good when we are on holidays?

Start by asking for recommendations. Ask the hotel you are staying at, friends and relatives you visiting or look at reviews on Google searches or ask on Facebook groups.

Staff profiles,  client reviews or testimonials on websites or social media gives you a good idea of what type of therapist they are and what they specialise in.  This can help determine if that therapist is right for you or can do the kind of treatment you need. 

If you are booking in at a larger therapy centre with many therapists – you can request or ask for a therapist that specialises in “strong, firm, killer pressure” or great at solving lower back problems.

Every holiday needs a relaxation day.  Having a massage or treatment will certainly be one of the many highlights of your trip.

If you follow the above steps, you’ll be sure to find a fantastic therapist and have a wonderful massage or treatment on your next holiday.


After all, a holiday is not a holiday without a massage!