4 Week Course

Over 4 weeks explore and have fun with a diverse range of tools and techniques to enhance your spiritual and psychic abilities, hosted by Anna Hastie

This is for the Spiritual Seeker who is

  • Wanting to reconnect to their inner wisdom and guidance
  • Has lost touch with their spiritual gifts
  • New to the realms of spirituality, energy and healing
  • Feeling the call to tap into their own psychic abilitiesWanting to have fun, connect with like minded spirit seekers
  • Curious about metaphysics and mystical aspects of life
  • Navigating a path of self-discovery

Along this spiritual journey you will have:

  • Fine-tuned your psychic abilities
  • Gained profound insights into your spiritual self and spirit team
  • Developed a heightened sense of intuition
  • Established a deeper connection to your energy
  • Attained newfound clarity through the practice of clairvoyance
  • More Inner peace and calmness
  • Reignited your sense of creativity and fun
  • A broader consciousness and a deepened connection to the universe.
  • Enhanced awareness of your own internal guidance
  • More understanding of yourself and life path.

Meet Your Spiritual Course Leader.

If we haven’t met before, Hi I’m Anna Hastie.

A Sound Bath Healer and Mindset Coach.

Somewhere in my late 20’s and early 30s I found myself wanting to learn more about spirituality.   What it meant to me and what spiritual practices were out there.

But where do you start and how do you find out about it?  I didn’t come from a family that talked or did this kind of thing. In fact, I am the only one who was interested in this kind of area of life. I didn’t have a mum or dad or grandparent who spoke about spirituality outside of Church or the Bible. No one practiced tarot or coffee cup readings.

Here I was curious and wanting to know more.

Through people and work colleagues I got in contact with a lady, who became my Reiki Teacher, and she was running a series of spiritual development classes called Spiritual Pioneers.

Classes was held above a funky crystal shop in Melbourne. Each week we would learn about different spiritual and psychic tools to develop our intuition and connection. It was a lot of fun and some of the tools have stayed with me ever since.

This was just the beginning.

This truly opened up my world to what I believe has landed me here today as a Sound Bath Healer and a Mindset Coach.

For me personally, with these tools and understanding of my connection to the Universe and life path I am able navigate life’s ups and downs feeling more centred, grounded and peaceful.

It answered a lot of my questions about Spirit, what it meant to me and why I am here on Earth, in this lifetime.

Like I said it was just the beginning of learning, synchronicities that lead me to new places, course and teachings.

And that deep sense of knowing that I am not alone on this journey. That I am not weird or crazy for sensing the things I do or having the questions about life, spirit and the Universe.

We all need a place to start and I believe it is my place to hold space for you and to teach you what I know.

Let’s begin!

Course Includes:

  • How to connect to your Energy & Clairvoyance
  • Learn how to hold a reading & create a space.
  • How to use oracle cards, a pendulum, psychometry and other tools.
  • receive meditations, and
  • sound baths to enhance your practices.
  • Gift bag & handouts

Program Outline

Sunday 4th Feb 9.30am – 11am

Week 1 – 90mins 

  • Opening circle
  • Receive Grounding meditation & Sound Bath.
  • How to connect to your energetics or ‘spiritual energy’
  • How to see and feel energy.
  • How to clear your own energy field and space with different tool and techniques
  • How to create a scared space and hold a session for someone.
  • Connection to your “spirit team.”

Sunday Feb 11th 11.30am – 12.30pm

Week 2 – 60mins

  • Opening meditation and Sound Bath
  • Different kinds of clairvoyance and what yours is.
  • Oracle Card readings – what is this and why helpful.
  • Learn about different spreads, symbols, numerology & how to hold a reading.
  • Practise readings in class time.

Sunday Feb 18th 11.30am – 12.30pm

Week 3 – 60mins

  • Opening meditation and Sound Bath
  • Pendulum & Psychometry
  • How & when to use a pendulum. Discover your own connection to the pendulum.
  • What is Psychometry and how to do a reading.
  • Practise both techniques in class time

Sunday Feb 25th 11.30am – 12.30pm

Week 4.  60mins

  • Opening meditation and Sound Bath
  • Coffee cup readings
  • How to do a reading for yourself and others.
  • Give a short reading to someone in the group using tools that you have learnt.
  • Closing circle and sound bath

T & C’s


  1. This is a course and all weeks must be signed up for.
  2. If you miss a week, class teachings and handouts will be available.
  3. Full refunds will only be offered if cancelled up to 7 days prior to the start of the course.
  4. 50% refund only offered if cancelled with in 7days of the start of the course.
  5. This is not a counselling or healing session.  This is an opportunity to explore different ways of connecting to your spirit and clairvoyance as well as have a ton of fun doing it!