Surviving the Silly Season

As I begin writing this, there are signs and indications around the town of what is to come.  Christmas decorations are appearing around town (including at the Loft.). Soon we are organising our diaries around staff parties, other end of year shenanigans, and last minute (“I haven’t seen them all year, so better now or never”) catchups with friends. Then it’s shopping lists, last day of school and, maybe for some travel arrangements, before the Broome exodus, as we fly off to other parts of the country to celebrate Christmas.  Before you know it, it’s Christmas eve and with one eye on a Christmas movie re-run we’re wrapping presents and thinking to ourselves – next year, it will be different. It won’t be so stressful or busy. Hmmm, how so? Why not make it this year? 

Here are my 5 tips for Creating Balance at Christmas.

Creating Balance at Christmas

Creating Balance at Christmas


Firstly, don’t get caught up in the sticky tape of wrapping presents! Oh, Anna, don’t do comedy – stick with the massage gig!

Say No & ask for help: If the social calendar is looking too busy, it’s ok to say no to a few engagements.  Don’t feel obliged to go to everything. If you are the kind of person who takes on all the tasks for Christmas Day, spread the responsibilities out so that you don’t get overburdened.  

Give yourself a present: What would you really like to do for Christmas?  Make sure you take some time out after Christmas to do something you really want to do, no matter what it is.

Budget: Christmas can get a bit pricey with purchasing presents or even buying food for the day.  Depending on who you are spending Christmas with, perhaps amongst the adults you can set a budget for presents or do a Secret Santa. Maybe take a collection for a charity instead.

Overindulgence:  This is a big one at Christmas.  There is always so much food, alcohol and sweet treaties.  It’s like for that one day of the year, we give ourselves the day off from being good with our eating. However, it’s not just that one day, it’s all the parties and socialising before Christmas day that we end up regretting, berating ourselves or analysing what we have consumed.  In reality, our bodies can’t differentiate between what day it is only our mind that knows. So here are a few tips:

Christmas parties – don’t rock up starving, have a protein-rich snack beforehand to curb hunger.

Stand at a distance from the food table to avoid “snacking on the snacks.”

Eat mindfully & say no if you can’t eat anymore. 

Take a healthy plate to the party – everyone else will appreciate it too.

Don’t stop your health and wellbeing routines: If you do morning exercise keep it up.  If you get regular massages or reiki healings, keep them scheduled.  Continuing your routines is great for your overall mental and physical wellbeing.  A little time out to recharge doesn’t go astray.  Even on Christmas Day, if it gets too much with certain family members, take a breather and go for a walk.

Don’t let the silly season get too crazy. Creating Balance at this busy time is possible.  It should be the time of peace, love and joy with family & friends. Keep that as your main mantra.  Christmas happens every year, so whatever you don’t quite achieve this year, make note of it and try again next year.

Merry Christmas.