10 Mindful Meditation Practices.

10 simple mindful meditation practices that you can do throughout your week.

Mindfulness is about being present and aware of your thoughts, actions, bodily sensations and space around you without judgement or criticism.

In other words, paying attention to what you are doing in the present moment. Turning off the autopilot and moving into manual mode and creating a connection and conscious awareness to what you are doing at that moment of time.

Simple mindful meditation techniques don’t necessarily mean sitting on a chair and focusing on your breathing. Although that is a very simple and easy form of practising mindful meditation, there are other types of mindfulness that you can practice.

The benefit of practising mindfulness is the ability to shift from an activated, stressed state into a calmer, reflective and regulated state.  The more we become mindful within our actions, words and of the space around us, the more we are becoming more consciously aware of our place in the world and how we interact with others.  We are reducing stress, anxiety, sleeping better and improving our physical wellbeing.

You can bring mindful meditation into everyday activities and moments.

Here are my TOP 10 activities you can do throughout your day to cultivate a little more mindfulness in your world.

1. Cleaning your teeth – as you clean your teeth be fully present of the sensation and action of cleaning your teeth.

2. Waiting in line at the check-out – lower your gaze, and be aware of the space around you, sounds, sensations, how you are standing. 

3. Eating a meal – take time to enjoy your meal. The flavours, sensations, the action of chewing your food without any other distractions.

4. Washing dishes – feel the water as you wash and rinse your plates, the temperature of the water, the feeling of the water.

5. Go for a walk – One of my favourites! Be mindful of how you are walking, the sounds and sights around you.  Walking around barefoot is the best!

6. Sit in your garden and observe the space around you. Don’t get caught up in your next DIY garden project or how many weeds might be popping up.  Simply, look around and observe the colours, textures, movement of plants.  The breeze or air around you. 

7. Wash your hair – feel your hands on your head, the bubble and soap, how the water rinses through your hair, the smells and warmth of the water.

8. Pat your dog or cat – feel the peace and calm of spending some time with your fur baby. 

9. 5 min body scan. Stand or sit, close your eyes and tune into what you are noticing about your body.  The way your hands are positioned, how your left knee is feeling, the rise and fall of your chest with each breath.  Feel into how your body is feeling at that moment.

10.Making a coffee or tea.  Go through the activity of making your favourite hot drink, all while paying attention to what you are doing and how you are doing it, without any judgement or criticism.

Cleaning your teeth – as you clean your teeth be fully present of the sensation and action of cleaning your teeth.

This list is simply suggestions and you may come up with a few original activities that resonate or appeal to you.

Whatever you decide, know that there is no right or wrong in the process and you are training your mind to become more aware of what is happening around you.