2020 – What this year means for us.

How are you feeling about 2020 so far? 

Relieved 2019 is over?  Excited for a new decade?

Starting a new year, and in this case, a new decade is perfect timing to reflect and look back at the previous year & decade.


What did you learn, do or not do? What happened good, bad or otherwise?  Did you travel? Did you start knitting? Did you end or start relationships? How was your health and wellbeing over the year? 

What is it that you want to create and bring about for this new year and decade? Better health? More time to do fun things for yourself? What are your intentions?


2019  was all about transitioning, letting go or ending certain things in our lives in order to make space and clear the path for what we want to create or bring more of to us.


The numbers 2020 seems to have a vibe about it. A really positive, good times kind of vibe. It could be the nice sequence of numbers 20 20 that make it feel good. It looks nice and has a nice ring to it when it is said out loud.   Or, it could be because there are some really great positive factors that are surrounding 2020. What I mean is, if we look at what 2020 symbolises numerologically and astrologically, 2020 has some great messages for this year.


Let’s start looking at the numbers themselves.

When we see the number 2 it means coexistence, partnerships, collaboration and balance. There are 2 2’s so we are being asked to look at where there is balance and imbalance in our lives. 

Number 2 is also a feminine number. This is where we are being asked to look more into our divine feminine self and follow, listen and tap into our heart.  To move and create from a feeling space rather than a thinking space or to think with our hearts and feel with our minds. To be more nurturing and 


Next, we can look at what is the Universal Year number for 2020. We get this number by adding the digits of 2020. 2+0+2+0 = Universal Year Number 4.  The number 4 is all about structures, foundations and building a framework. 


2020 is the year of exceptional change in the structures, values, and natures of our modern world and YOU, every one of us play an important role in bridging this shift into a Universal Humanity. Simone Mattews, Universal Life Tools. 


It’s a perfect year to put our goals into action and to really start taking responsibility for the way we live and want to live your life.  This is a year that you can start building our dreams, start creating and getting real about our purpose in life.


This is where I invite you to start creating new habits or intentions for this year so that they become second nature and part of life for the years to come. In particular habits in our health and wellbeing for mental, emotional and spiritual areas of our lives..


For example:

Daily or  weekly habits can be:

  •  Sitting for 5 mins in meditation and feel gratitude
  • Drinking more herbal teas and less coffee.
  • Walking outside barefoot on the grass, dirt or sand
  • Putting your phone away an hour before bed.


Monthly habits can be:

  • Having a coffee-free or alcohol-free week. 
  • Cooking more plant-based foods, 
  • Calling a long distant friend more often. 
  • Have a night in with friends. 


Even a Yearly intention could be doing a detox or going on a retreat.

“Better late than never,” or “There’s no time like the present.” 

Even if we feel that the year is already slipping away and we haven’t even started on our goals or intentions for this year,  there’s plenty of time!  


Now that you have read this, dear reader, I invite you to take some time out to sit and reflect on your past year and now the year ahead. 

Close your eyes, take some deep breaths in and ask yourself, what would you like to bring about for your 2020 and this fresh new decade.  


There is still plenty of time to get started and to make things happen.  Also, not everything has to be done immediately or perfectly. Lean into 2020 with a feeling of excitement, creativity and vision and see what unfolds.