7 Principles to Health from the Wholefood Cowboy

Last week Facebook kindly reminded me that a few years ago I made my first green smoothie.  Happy Smoothie Anniversary to me!

Seeing that Facebook memory flash up on my mind began to wonder and circle around my own health and wellness journey and what I have learnt in the last few years – besides how to make the next best green smoothie. Then this little memory popped up….

It was back in Melbourne and I went to an information night hosted by a guy called Don Tolman.  I’d never heard of him, but I was interested in what he had to say, as a self-proclaimed “Whole Food Doctor.”  

Walking out on stage we were greeted by an American Cowboy complete with handlebar moustache, stetson, shirt and cowboy boots. Don’s signature look.

Don’s passion is showing the relationship between whole foods and their relationship with the human body.  In other words, food is medicine. However, according to Don, it isn’t just about eating the right foods but embracing the 7 Key Principles to Health.  These were principles that were discovered in ancient times and are the foundations for general healing, longevity and wellbeing in our lives.

The 7 Principles to Health.

1 Air

The quality and quantity of the air we breathe is important to our health.

Get outside – breathe in fresh air.  Have a plant in your house or office space to filter toxins.  Have the windows and doors open to flush fresh air through the house.

So while the fresh air is moving through your house, how is the quantity of the air you are breathing in?  Most of us breathe shallowly into the upper chest, instead of deeply into our lower lungs. Look at babies and the way they breathe.  Breathing more deeply into our lungs helps alkalise the body, invigorates and awakens ourselves.

2 Drink plenty of clean water.

Why water? Well, that’s a whole other blog. But, briefly, water hydrates your muscles & joints preventing cramps and can reduce headaches. Water also flushes out toxins, keeps your digestives system healthy, and boost your immune system. Plus, we’re made up of about 60%, but our muscles alone are made up of 70% water.

Don’t like the taste of water? I heard that plenty of times from my partner, until I bought a water filter, then he started drinking more water.

3 Sunshine

We need sunshine for Vit D. Vit D helps the absorption of calcium, which you need for bone health. It also regulates cells, systems and organs of the body.

Sunshine works with the pituitary and pineal gland which sets our internal clocks so we can sleep at night.  A lack of sunlight can be a cause of insomnia.

4 Movement

Oh yes!! Get ACTIVE!! Get Movement into your body!! We were designed to move, not be sitting like rocks. Movement gets the circulation and all the juices flowing through your body so that you can live! Not moving lowers the circulation, you burn fewer calories, your metabolism slows and those fat burning enzymes aren’t zooming through your body. Result? Weight gain and well, all those other health issues that can cause our demise. Move your body!

5 Embrace whole plant foods

More research and studies are outlining the importance of simple whole food eating.  Quite simply, avoid processed packaged food, refined carbohydrates, sugars and alcohol! Your body is your temple. Nourish it with good

6 Loving relationships

“Love is all around…”  “Love is all you need..” So many songs, movies, books, plays even paintings portray, describe and reflect Love.  So why so important? Loving yourself, allowing yourself to be loved and loving others is one of the key factors of our lives.  Love brings happiness, compassion, comfort, support, community, and self-worth.

If we are in a toxic or “bad” relationship we feel less valued, we are unhealthy in our bodies and minds. We are unable to grow and thrive.  

Love, Love, Love – be able to love yourself and other equally.

7 Passion

Passion is what you do that makes spirit sing? What makes your light shine brighter and gives you enjoyment?  Doing things, activities, being creative, group participation and having fun all feeds into our health. Human beings are creative, inventive and curious beings.    

There you have it. Don’s 7 Principles to health.

So where do these principles fit in your life?  Are there any principles you are missing or do you embrace them all? Or are you planning on running outside to get some sunshine with your filtered water bottle in hand, listening to your favourite love song?

Take note of how you embrace these principles and see how they reflect on your health.

And thank you Facebook for my green smoothie memory. I think I’ll head to the kitchen and make one now!


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