Anna’s story & how she got to Broome

Back in 2009 I made the decision. It was a big decision.  I was going to begin my  journey into the world of Natural Therapies and study massage.

Actually I wanted to study massage since I finished high school, but one way or another it didn’t quite evolve until 2009.  I had been travelling over seas for a few years and had come back to Melbourne with that big question above my head….What do I do now?

I enrolled at Australian College of Massage in Melbourne and knew that massage was going to be a good starting point.

As soon as I was qualified, I jumped straight into the world of massage, health and wellness, working at a prestigious Day Spa in St Kilda and then a Natural Therapy Clinic in South Melbourne.  I learnt so much at both these place and met some inspiring and beautiful therapists.

I craved knowledge of other therapies, their benefits and how I could be the best therapist for my clients. Over the years I have studied other natural therapies:



Sound Healing

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Ear Candling, 

Myofascial Cupping, 

Dry Needling,

Ka Huna Hawaiian Massage

Therapeutic Applied Percussion

Shamanic Healing


In 2013 I came to a cross roads point in my life.  I was needing a change.  The answer that I got was a sea-change that saw me move across the country to a remote town in the North of Western Australia – Broome.  

I had visited Broome five years before on a backpacking trip from Perth to Darwin.  The whole time I was in the Kimberley I kept thinking “I wish I could spend more time here. There is so much to see.”  (Be careful about what you wish for.)

I had the intention of staying a year and it was one of the best year’s of my life! Being in Broome I felt at home, I worked at a wonderful day spa, made some amazing friends and got a HUGE amount of Vit D back into my bones.  You see, I wasn’t the healthiest version of myself when I left Melbourne.  I was probably a bit too skinny, too pale and not 100% myself.

When my year was up I left Broome to walk 700kms across Spain on the Camino de Santiago with my Dad.  I then found myself in France hoping to do some work at ski resort as a massage therapist.  However, it didn’t work out and a few other circumstances found me dreaming of Broome.  I soon returned to Broome and picked up where I left off.

Another year later and I decided that Broome, the pindan dirt and the incredible red rocks had got under my skin and I was ready to  start my own therapy business – Creating Balance Natural Therapies, offering massage, reiki and most recently sound healings and meditation sessions.

Throughout my time working as a therapist and for myself I have learnt A LOT about myself and running a business.  I often wonder if I would ever go back to working for someone else?  Would I ever get tired of doing what I am doing?  (N.B it is important to check in with yourself and your business from time to time). For now the answer is no.

I love what I do and I love helping  people through the therapies I am passionate about.  I never thought I would ever, EVER run my own business or do my own thing, but here I am and I certainly don’t look back with regrets.

One of my biggest lessons, reminders or even mantras that I would pass on to anyone thinking about going out on their own:

If you can dream it, You can do it (Walt Disney).

Just go for it, don’t hold yourself back and don’t worry about what people will think.  You can do it.  If it makes your heart sing then go for it!