How to energetically cleanse and clear your house (even if you don’t have incense).

I recently moved house and one of the things I love to do when I get to a new space is to give it an energetic cleanse.

With my Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls that is pretty easy as I have a Selenite and Smokey quartz bowl, plus a Pink aura bowl which can easily and quickly cleanse an area or person or thing.

I also like to burn incense such as white sage as I move from room to room, introducing myself to the new house or space and asking for any negative energies or entities to be removed, returned to source to be transformed into light and love.


So, what if you don’t have a Tibetan or Alchemy Crystal singing bowl or white sage available to cleanse and clear your house?  Can you still cleanse your house without them?  Well, believe it or not, you can use an ordinary pot or pan and a spoon from the kitchen and get ready to bang it as you walk around the house.


YEP – that’s right a pot and spoon!

I did this once with some girlfriends when we lived in a house together.  We felt the house had some stuck, sad energy from the previous owners.  I had the pot and pan and my girlfriends had incense.  It was noisey and fun all at the same time.  


Here are my steps you can follow to energetically cleanse and clear your house – even if you don’t have incense, you have just moved in or you have been living in your house forever!


If you are in the process of moving, try to do these steps before you move in.  You can also use this process as you leave your old house too. 


Firstly, take time to clear and de-clutter your spaces.  This is a perfect time to spring clean cupboards, shelves, and areas as well as clean surfaces and windows etc. 

Maybe if you feel inspired re-arrange some furniture.  Energy or chi can get stuck in areas that we haven’t moved or cleaned out for awhile, for example under beds or behind pictures.


Next, open all the doors and windows to let fresh air into the house.  This helps the energy to leave and lets fresh air in.


Take a moment to ground yourself into the earth by imagining or having a sense or awareness that your feet are connecting into the earth below.


Then set your intention.  This is an important step.

It’s all good to say I want to clear out stuck or negative energy, but it is also important to ask for something to come in and replace it. Such as love, happiness, abundance, joy, prosperity.  Whatever you want to call into your house.

For example you could say:

“I now release all negative and stuck old energies and entities  from this house and my life and be returned back to Source/Universe to be transferred into light and love for the highest good of myself, my community and the planet.”


Then walk around your house from the front door, anti-clockwise, clearing and cleansing either banging your pot, swirling your tibetan or crystal bowl or using your incense. Keep your prayer in  mind as you do and work around walks, corners, behind and underneath furniture. 

Imagining that the space is clearing and becoming lighter and brighter.


Once you have finished you can do a simple visualisation or meditation asking for Source or the Universe to send white light down into the house. Imagining it lighting up each room and sealing in all the beautiful things you would like to bring into the house. Love, joy, laughter, happiness etc.


Once you have finished say thank you to the house for taking care of you (and your loved ones) and that you are grateful for its presence in your life and all that it provides for you. Namaste