From Massage to Mindset

Moving from massage to mindset was a huge step for me.

I never thought or even dreamed of ever having my own business, but when the desire to run my own show and do things ‘my way’ became apparent I knew I had to act on this.

During my time running a successful and thriving business Natural Therapy business, I learnt a lot about myself and being in business.

I worked on my mindset, A LOT, with different coaches and mentors, networked, put myself out there and kept learning.

The need to shift and move into mindset coaching came not only after having some time away from my business (thanks to COVID – no really thank you), but from witnessing and hearing my clients regularly describe or talk about themselves.

“I am not very good at…”

“I have never been able to…”

“I have always had a ….”

“I have always had…”​

While I always listened with compassion and did my best to help them through their physical difficulties, what I really wanted to say as added support wast:

“Stop labelling yourself as…” “You feel that way because you say that you are!”

While I hadn’t studied NLP, I was educating myself about mindset and the impact of my thoughts, feelings and beliefs as to what I experience in life.

Now, I kind of wish I had at times said those things. To those who may be ex-clients and reading this, I apologise for not explaining how important your mindset is towards your own physical health and wellbeing.

However, I wasn’t passionate about massage anymore and what I was really loving was being in business. The ins’, outs’, challenges, wins, systems and processes and everything else.

Most importantly, I wanted to show to people, women particularly, that if I, Anna Frances Hastie, could run a business, then they could too.

More and more I want to help women step into and achieve their level of success and not let their fears overwhelm, lack of confidence or limiting self-belief stop them.

​I know how strong the mind can be and I have learnt some pretty amazing techniques to shift and overcome these blocks, as well as create habits, routines and greater awareness of our mindset.

What do you think? What do you hear yourself or your friends or family say about themselves.  Is it true what you do say? Can any of those beliefs be changed?​​

You can head over to my Mindset Coaching Page to find out how I can help you develop a strong mindset around your business.  During our time together I will show you how you can blend spirituality with business to support you on your journey.

You can read about what Business mindset coaching is here: What is Mindset Coaching?