Mindset Struggles & How I Over Came Them

Overcoming mindset struggles.

Apart from showing up, being mindful with my language, and working with coaches, in this post, I talk about some of my favourite mindset techniques that I use with my clients and on myself to overcome mindset struggles.

Each step I have made in my business has been not only from a strategic point but also from trusting my intuition. This doesn’t mean every decision or moment of growth has been smooth sailing. At some point, my mindset has got wobbly, crumbled and then needed to be re-built.I also want to quickly point out that everyone’s movements and growth in business are different. Things that may have been challenging to me, were a walk in the park, a no brainer for others.So where did I get wobbly and my mindset needed support?

  1. Firstly, the moment I went from part-time in my business to full time! This was HUGE and scary.
  2. Then came the doubts of if I could be just as good as other therapists in this town.
  3. Followed by attracting clients.
  4. Then later holding my first sound bath class.
  5. Next, will I be able to successfully pivot and move into my new business path?
  6. Now it is promoting myself in a brand new way, attracting clients & believing in myself.

Everything comes in cycles. Each time there was a period of growth, a new level to achieve or a step to take there was always a mixed bag of emotions around it.Initially, that excitement and YES feeling is there and strong. Then perhaps some wavering beliefs and doubts come in.Can I do this, will I be ok, will it work out, will anyone like this or want this?Then it all gets flipped with YES I can do this and the process continues until the goal is achieved.What did I do each and every time I faced one of those wobbly moments in the process?Do you mean after I had a cry?

  1. I picked myself up, dusted myself off and kept going.
  2. I continued to believe in what I wanted was mine and could happen.
  3. I said affirmations, visualised, wrote about my success as if it had already happened.
  4. I worked with coaches and mentors
  5. I continued to show up and be in the energy and vibe of my business. Even if I didn’t have a client, I worked on something in the background.
  6. I was mindful of the language I used and the beliefs and language from others.
  7. I joined business groups.
  8. I networked and made a huge effort to be on social media.
  9. I read books, listened to podcasts, signed up for tutorials, webinars and training.

AND CELEBRATED EVERY WIN! Every time I made a milestone I celebrated!I also trusted my inner guidance and intuition. I regularly tapped in to ask: Is this right? Do I still want this and is it still aligned? If it was a YES, then I kept going. I knew deep down it would all work out somehow.


You are never alone in business.  It is my passion to support women in business grow stronger in the mindset so that they can have the business and lifestyle of their dreams.  Check out my coaching offers here: Mindset Coaching