Overcoming Social Media Creativity Blocks

Creativity blocks are not unusual or uncommon in business when it comes to creating any kind of content. Writing blogs, newsletters, social media posts, advertising, website content etc.

It generally shows up when we are wanting to post or create something and the ideas, inspiration or even motivation is not showing up.

You may feel like you are dragging your feet with reluctance or pressured by time to get that post done and up on your feed.

If you have ever heard yourself say: “I just don’t know what to post” or “I’ve sat in front of my computer for hours and still haven’t posted anything.” You are not alone.

Here are some of the ways social media creativity blocks might show up and how you can work through them.

Resistance & procrastination. Ask yourself, what are you resisting? What is it that you are resisting from doing and why? Is it being seen, worrying about what people will think, is it wanting to have the perfect look on your feed or posts, comparing yourself to others?

Resistance often leads to procrastination which is friends with perfectionism.
Perfectionism is only an excuse. Nothing needs to be perfect. Get in there, create, post and then later, review what works well for you, so you can easily repeat it.

Affirmation Time: “Progress over Perfection.” “Good is Good Enough.” “Keep It Simple.”

Full permission to take a break. If you are feeling uninspired, emotionally drained and tired. Take. A. Break. Instagram will still be there. Come back to it when you are feeling better, motivated, uplifted and energised. If you are dragging your feet, the lack of energy and unenthusiasm you put into your posts will make you resent social media even more.

What is your best time of day? Review the time of day when you feel most energised and inspired to get things done. We all work best at different times of the day. If you feel more inspired and creative after dinner when everyone is taken care of, use that time. If your creative time is first thing in the morning, make that a priority.

Overwhelm. “You do You.” There is so much information out there about what makes the best post or how many times a day you need to post, it can be overwhelming. Sift through the information and choose what feels right for you. See everything as a guideline and work with what feels right for you. Master one thing then grow and expand on to the next.

Do small chunks at a time. “Batching” your content won’t send you “Bat-sh*t Crazy” if you are trying to do it all at once.
Often creativity comes in bursts. If today you feel like getting stuck into Canva and creating graphics, do all your graphics. If your words are flowing for the posts, write them down when they hit (even point form because you can expand later. You’ll at least have the outline done). Have different hashtag lists already done and saved so it is easy to copy and paste to a post.

Do small batches of content at a time to reduce the overwhelm and creativity blocks.

How to get creative on social media  This next blog is all about how you can get creative and energised to post to social media.

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