What is Mindset Coaching?

Henry Ford said,

“Whether you think you can,

or you think you can’t—you’re right.”

What is Business Mindset?

Business mindset, while not a new concept, I believe has come more into focus and is being strongly highlighted with the rise of small businesses.

Your mindset, in general, is the beliefs, attitudes, actions and thinking you have around your goals, presences, achievements and who you choose and want to be in your life and in your business.

For example in Business, what we choose to consume through social media, books, podcasts, who we listen to, our friends and families, our experiences of success, setbacks, and with our clients, customers, suppliers and other similar businesses or industry leaders can influence and drive our mindset.

“From your daily routines to the people you surround yourself with, your mindset is constantly taking in external feedback to create its own version of beliefs and reality.”

“Your mindset needs to be in a place where you see yourself as worthy and capable of your goals.” Bossbabe.com

Who is it for?

It is for anyone and everyone who is involved in running or operating a business.

I specifically work with women who run a small business whether that be a shop front, online or home-based.

If you are running a business you have a business mindset that goes along with it.

When does it apply?

Well, actually, when does it NOT apply?

Your Business Mindset applies EVERY SINGLE DAY. All the time you are in business.

Basically, whenever there is growth and expansion in your business, or perhaps you are maintaining the momentum, your mindset will be playing a big part.

For example: raising your prices, starting a new product line, going full time in your business, starting a business in the FIRST place, promoting and running a new online course, coaching service, class, treatment service, even hiring your first or even third employee! Your mindset will be there tuning into the process.

It will be filtering in and out the external feedback that you receive from around you as well as from past experiences or upbringings to create new or strengthen old beliefs, habits or behaviours.

For example, your beliefs and actions around money may come from what you witnessed and were told from the opinions and actions of your parents or caregivers as a child. Whatever those beliefs are, they can play out in the way you receives, spend, save or donate money that you earn from your business.

Essentially your mindset will circulate through these areas:

Imposter syndrome, confidence, comparison-itis, money mindset, showing up and taking action, trusting yourself and decision making, motivation, perfectionism, procrastination, doubt and fear, social media, marketing, networking, employees, contractors, self-worth and your purpose.

If you want to maintain the growth and keep going on your level of success, your mindset needs to be as sharp and strong as well.

Your mindset is about what you believe about yourself, your capabilities and how you will achieve your business goals.

As Bossbabe.com said:

“If you think “Mindset” is something you don’t need to work on, then chances are, you need to do more work on it.”

Your mindset needs to be in a place where you see yourself as worthy and capable of achieving your goals. You can have every funnel and lead magnet in place but if your mindset isn’t right, you will completely struggle.

Oh, and when you start smashing your goals, your responsibility will increase. If you plan on showing up and continuing on that trajectory, your mindset needs to be strong enough to handle the growth.

Never underestimate the power of your mindset. Do your mindset work every single day..”

Overall, your mindset is about what you believe about yourself, your capabilities and how you will achieve your business goals.

In and out of the work you do, your mindset is present in all areas of your life.

It is there every step of the way in your life and/or business. It is the part of you that filters in and out all your receive to form your identity and how you want to show up in this world, whether you work for yourself or not.