Subliminal Affirmations: The What & The Why.

The first time I ever heard a subliminal affirmation meditation I couldn’t believe how powerful it was. This particular subliminal was all about having a healthy, happy, successful life and business.  I literally felt it absorb into my subconscious mind.  After listening to it a few times I  really did feel more empowered, successful, healthy and happy.

I knew this would be a HUGE benefit to my clients because it is so effective, and it is really, an easy way of programming your subconscious mind.

What is a subliminal recording?

Subliminal meditations, or recordings, are affirmations that are recorded and mixed under a piece of music.  These affirmations might be themed around something you want to change, create or have in your life. Eg. A successful thriving business, better health and nutrition, or money mindset.

These affirmations are recorded in a way that they are only audible to the subconscious mind which is able to handle everything we are unaware of and cannot process through our conscious mind. All you actually hear is the music playing which means that the conscious mind can’t reject the new affirmation.

Why is it so easy to program your subconscious mind?

You can listen to a subliminal affirmation meditation whenever and wherever except driving or operating heavy machinery. You don’t need to dedicate a specific time to listen to them.

Listen to them while you are working, play in the background while you are making dinner, listen as you are getting ready to bed, or even while you are sleeping.  Read more about affirmations and 1 easy way to program your mind for success   as you go to sleep.

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