What Is It Really Like To Work With A Business Mindset Coach.

So what is it like working with a Business Mindset Coach?

By now you may have an idea of what a Business Mindset is and how it can apply as well as outside of your business.With all of that, what is it really like to work with me as your Business Mindset Coach? What would our sessions look like and what do I include?

Some of you may have already been to one of my sound healing classes, heard me speak at a business networking event, or even been with me since the massage days.You know that I bring my energy, my intuition, skills and my full attention to you.I love to share and I believe that the most empowering thing for anyone, in business or not, is to know how they can take care of themselves

after they have seen me.  I teach and share to empower you.

This is where we do it.

Before we start, I find out all about you. What is happening, what are your dreams, goals, challenges are and what you want to do with our time together?  The more information I have the easier it is for me to create a path for us to explore, so I ask a lot of questions!From there it is the release phase. Let’s find out what is happening deep under the surface and let that go. This is where energy healings and clearings, Timeline work, single belief change and so much more happen.  We do some re-wiring and understand your subconscious mind.Then I give you resources (meditations, EFT Tapping scripts, journal prompts etc) for you to use.In and around our session I offer support via What’s App. This is where we can continue to talk about anything that is coming up, any of the shifts and changes. It also helps me plan for our future sessions as well.

My favourite part is seeing the shifts and changes.

The “Ah Ha” moments within my clients. The differences they feel and how their business moves so easily to the next level.Even the changes that happen once the client has signed up and we haven’t had our first chat! It’s incredible. Just by stepping into the energy of receiving coaching and support has a huge transformation.Whether you step into the 6 weeks or the 12-week program,  you receive free attendance at my monthly online sound healings on YouTube. Sound Healing, energy clearing, mindset work, it is all part of what I offer to help you become the most empowered, successful, focused and confident woman in business.

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