My Favourite Mindset Techniques

Mindset Techniques I love to use for myself and with my clients.

Apart from showing up, being mindful with my language and working with coaches, in this post I talk about some of my favourite mindset techniques that I use with my clients and on myself to overcome mindset struggles (read here).

Right now my favourite mindset techniques are:EFT Tapping. Love it! I tap to release and shift my emotions as well as embed and affirm my new beliefs, emotions and affirmations.Journaling – sometimes just writing out what I am feeling, the worries, fears, doubts, frustrations, even just venting, helps me to put things in perspective, or clear the air. Then I write about what I want and what I choose to believe. This then creates the new affirmations and beliefs I am wanting to embody.Sound Healing – lucky me! I have my singing bowls available to play and meditate with. I do listen to other sound healers as well. There is something SO SO relaxing about receiving a sound healing. It takes me out of my thinking mind, creates balance, harmony and relaxation, I feel less stressed. more inspired and love that feeling that I did something FABULOUS for myselfTIME Technique – This is DEEP DEEP work. When I know that there is a limiting belief or pattern that is always showing up each and every time then it is somewhere from my early childhood years, past life or even a generational pattern. Let’s delete that and make changes. The shifts I have felt from this process are amazing!Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian Forgiveness Meditation. I love this meditation. It is so transformational and deeply healing. Ho’oponpono means to make right twice. By forgiving myself, I am also forgiving others and this creates healing for all. I have done this for money. I have done this for relationships, I have done this for things I have regretted. After each time I feel a deep sense of peace.Subliminal Meditations – These meditations are affirmations quietly recorded under a piece of music. You can listen to them while you are at work, having a bath, walking the dog or doing any other activity.  I make these. I record the affirmations that my clients need and then record them under a piece of music. Then they can play them whenever they need to. Subliminal meditations is a SUPER easy way of programming the subconscious mind without having to work at it. It’s a simple and effective way to enforce what you truly believe to be true for you and your business success.🎉Download your FREE Subliminal Affirmation for Business Mindset Success HERE🎉All of these techniques, plus more, are shared with my coaching clients.  No matter what they are currently working on in their business, these techniques can be added to their mindset toolkit.

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